BK: During Aang and Zuko’s heyday, the ability to bend lightning was an incredibly rare skill usually reserved for the inner circles of Fire Nation royalty and high-ranking military officers. Now, in the thick of the Avatar world’s own Industrial Age, we see that this skill is, while not widespread, common enough that it is practiced by blue-collar workers changing up massive batteries in the city’s power plants. This kind of work is incredibly taxing on a person’s chi reserves; that’s why the plant bosses tend to get desperate, strapping young men like Mako to sign up for the grueling task. Mako designs by Jin-Sun Kim and Ki-Hyun Ryu. Color by Sylvia Filcak-Blackwolf. Background design by Eun-Sang Yang. Painting by Emily Tetri. 


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“The power of those eyes and a chakra that is even more sinister than my own… you’re just like Uchiha Madara.”

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zuko/katara parallels - picking cover names

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Who am I?

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"I’d return the compliment, but I have no idea what you look like. Thank you, Katara."

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The Avatar’s new ride.
Haters gonna hate..

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